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Dopplr Release iPhone App

by David Brooks | 16.07.2009
Dopplr, the Social Atlas have released their long awaited iPhone App to the eager public. The app allows Dopplr users to view restaurants and hotels on a map and tick them off as they vist them. The app also allows users to view further information about places and things to do, plan your trips and see your friends planned trips. All the information you input into the device will then be relayed back to the website.

Tug have given the app a test run and results are very good, the UI is smooth and the information is in depth and we’ve already found new places to eat at! If you have an iPhone, you can download the app now by visiting the Apple Store. The App will also soon be released on Nokia, Blackberry and Android devices. Here’s a small quote from the Dopplr Blog:

“The app puts the combined knowledge of the world’s smart travellers in your pocket. Wherever you are in the world, you can use it to find nearby recommended places to eat, stay and explore. If you make new discoveries of your own, you can add them to the Social Atlas with a few taps of your finger. And every new addition helps to expand the Social Atlas, which is starting small but growing rapidly with the input from Dopplr travellers using their mobile devices….”

Read the original Dopplr Blog, or visit the App page on the Dopplr website.