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Sphinn Launch V2 – The Next Generation!

by David Brooks | 14.07.2009
Some Sphinn users may have noticed some down time earlier, this was due to Sphinn updating the site to v2 (the next generation). With this comes many new features and a newer clean design. See below for a list of features as listed on the Sphinn Blog:

– Cleaner design, taking aspects from our sister site at Search Engine Land
– The removal of the “Discussion” option for submissions (not many people used it, and most were confused by it)
– My Network – Friend and follow the people you like
– “Show Me” Filters – Only show submissions from My Network, or your favourite categories
– Subscribe/Unsubcribe to stories that you’re interested in, with email notifications
– Save stories that you enjoyed or want to come back to
– My Sphinn – A one-stop dashboard for your network, important topics and an expanding list of blog content

There’s also a few more new features which you can read about at the Sphinn Blog.