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Pictures of Google Chrome OS Leaked?

by David Brooks | 09.07.2009
An unknown source has created a blog on WordPress to show some pictures of the new Google Chrome OS, we don’t know if these are real but he also lists some interesting details about the new OS. View the pictures or read the details here. Here’s a small quote from the blog:

“This beta was extremely stripped down. However, it was amazingly fast. They did one reboot and it rebooted from Desktop to Desktop in about 25ish seconds.

There is a button on the Chrome Bar (At least that is what the Rep called it.) that is basically the blue center of the chrome logo. This button pulls up a Start Menu clone essentially. The Reboot, Programs, and Main Directory is located here….”

Edit: As we thought, they are indeed fake! Ah well hopefully we’ll get to see some real screenshots soon.