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Facebook Launch New Fan Boxes

by David Brooks | 09.07.2009
facebook logoFacebook have launched a new external website widget known as a Fan Box, this will allow fans of celebrities or organisations to follow their Facebook updates and pictures on an external website. This will also allow users to become fans of people they aren’t already fans of directly through the widget. Below is a small quote from the blog by Mark Kinsey:

Now, when I visit the websites of Kings of Leon, Lenny Kravitz or Roger Federer, I not only see their exclusive content but also the personal updates they’re posting directly on Facebook including status updates, photos, videos and much more. You’ll be able to access Fan Boxes — not just from your favorite celebrities and musicians but also from media outlets and news organizations like ABCNews, NPR and Newsweek, in addition to organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and (RED) and your favorite products such as Coca-Cola, Tide, Herbal Essences and Blackberry…” Read the full article here.