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Hunch Launches to the Public

by David Brooks | 16.06.2009
hunch logo smallA new questionnaire based search engine called ‘Hunch’ launched last night (created by the co-founder of flickr), it has been designed to help you make decisions based on various related questions. Once you answer the questions, you get your result with some more information and also sometimes a sponsored link. Here’s what they had to say on their blog to mark the launch:

If, as Erin McKean says, the internet is made of words and enthusiasm, let us put these words on the internet to express our enthusiasm for today’s launch of Hunch!

For those of you who are new, Hunch helps you make decisions, and gives you results it wouldn’t give other people, getting smarter over time as more people use it. We would like it very much if you would like it. We like it! So very much!

For those of you who are not new, you can now do things you couldn’t do before. You can use the site without logging in — though of course Hunch’s hunches are much better if you do. We give you code so you can post widgets on your blog (it’s on the result page). There’s a new Explore page, which has all kinds of neat-o stuff on it, and which we’ll keep updated with new topics, new users and those interesting correlations that are the byproduct of all our question-answering technology (and which we’ve been posting occasionally to our Twitter)…” Read the full blog here.

Try it for yourself! and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment!