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Microsoft Makes Bing Official

by David Brooks | 29.05.2009
Microsoft have made their new ‘Bing’ search engine official, they’ve sent out emails to all their existing Ad Center account emails with the following:

As many of you will have read this morning Microsoft has launched a new search engine – Bing.

On Wednesday the 3rd of June will replace Live search. Ultimately, Bing is a decision engine that goes beyond what people have come to think of as search—and what our competitors offer today. Bing goes further than conventional Search by understanding what it is you’re looking for and bringing back a range of instant answers, relevant categories, and focused results that will make searching a much quicker, simpler, and more enjoyable experience. Initially the service will launch in Beta in the UK and over the next several months new exciting features will roll out on the UK version. You can view a video on some of the exciting Bing features HERE and follow Bing on Facebook and Twitter.

Your PPC ads will appear as they did on Live Search.

As it says they will carry their Ad Center Pay Per Click services over to Bing, so if you notice an increase in traffic from Microsoft…it will probably be Bing launching! Here’s the video from the Bing website showcasing its new features: