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Gian Fulgoni on the Search Ad Coverage Drop

by David Brooks | 19.05.2009
Gian Fulgoni of ComScore has put up an interesting article with some indepth graphs looking into the growth of search queries and drop in paid search ad coverage. Here’s a small quote:

“This, in turn, raises the question: why would ad coverage decline? The first hypothesis – that the search engines have been working hard to improve the searcher experience and reduce the importance of less relevant advertisers – has been widely cited, and I believe is the main driver. To help confirm this hypothesis we looked into the rate at which searchers clicked on paid ads and found that the rate hasn’t changed….”

John Battelle has also commented on this matter on his blog, here’s what he had to say im summary to Gians article:

“In short, our queries are getting closer to real conversation, real natural language, and Google’s algorithms are having a harder time keeping up – matching advertiser demand to our increasingly complex queries.”

Read the original article here, or read John’s summary here.