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Yahoo Testing Favicons in Display URLs

by David Brooks | 08.05.2009
Yahoo Search Marketing are currently testing out a new feature in which Favicons come up on the right of an ads display URL. Favicons are the small pictures you find when you set a site as a favourite, or you can also find Favicons in the navigation bar on Firefox. Yahoo think this will help people idenfity a website when searching, improving a users search journey. See below for a quote from the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog:

“We’re testing a program that uses favicons, the little icons that show up on your browser next to the address window when you’re on a page—say, on These favicons are already widely in use on the Web. Now, when a user searches for “Expedia,” or another search that matches your domain name, that same favicon will show up next to the URL in your ad….”    

Read the rest and view an example ad here.   
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