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by David Brooks | 29.04.2009 have added Sitelinks to its search engine result pages, similar to that of Google’s. Below is a small quote from the official Blog article talking about the new Sitelinks:

“Back in December 2008, we started beta-testing our Domain Navigation product, and measurements showed that our searchers found it useful and enhanced their overall search experience.

Why is this helpful? Domain Navigation (a.k.a., ‘Domain Nav’ or site links) is the block of up to eight navigational links that may appear below the top organic result, depending on the query. The idea, on the surface, is simple: get the user one-click closer to their intended destination.

Estimates show that 11% to 25% of all search engine traffic is navigational in nature (Rose, Levinson, WWW 2004, Jansen, et. al., WWW 2007, Teevan, et. al., SIGIR 2007, Slawski, SEO By The Sea, March 13, 2008). Very loosely put, it’s about using the search engine to find and go to a known destination…”

Read the full article here.