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Microsoft Hire JWT for $100M Search Engine Launch

by Ollie Vaughan | 02.04.2009
msn newsMicrosoft has hired JWT for an approximate $100 to launch its new search engine Kumo with its objective to win market share away from Google and Yahoo.

Brand Republic had this to say:

“This spring Microsoft plans the launch of its new search product, tentatively called Kumo, and has trusted JWT with the difficult task of convincing web users that Kumo is not only different, but better than market giant Google and number-two Yahoo!.

JWT, part of WPP Group, is expected to push Kumo in June in an online, TV, print and radio campaign.

Analysts predict JWT will position Microsoft’s Kumo away from direct competition with Google and Yahoo! and instead try and carve out a niche within the search engine market….”

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