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Google Announce Internet Based Advertising & Controversy Begins

by David Brooks | 12.03.2009
Google recently announced the launch of Internet based advertising, this is a new platform of advertising for Google which will allow Adwords advertisers to target ads based on the users interests and sites visited. The service will start in beta, and if successful moved into every Adwords customers inventory. Here’s a small quote from the official Google blog regarding the announcement:

 “Keyword advertising has been so successful because it’s useful to users, advertisers and publishers — everyone’s interests are aligned. We believe that interest-based ads will create the same virtuous cycle, by giving users more relevant ads, while generating higher returns for advertisers and publishers….” Read the full article

There has already been lots of controversy regarding this new release with concerns for privacy, one article explains:

“Two online privacy groups slammed Google for launching a behavioral advertising program, with one advocate calling Google’s plan a privacy “disaster.”

Google’s proposal would bring user tracking to the world’s largest ad network, said Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “It’s a disaster,” he said. “It’s about whether the most dominant Internet media firm should be able to exploit its access to Internet user data for advertising purposes. Google long maintained it would not do this type of advertising. Indeed, they claimed they didn’t need to and they went after others who did…..” Read the full article.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this and keeping you up to date with any new developments. If your company is interested in trying out Google’s new internet based advertising, contact Tug today and see how we can help with our extensive PPC services.