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Google AdSense Introduce Expandable Ads

by David Brooks | 11.03.2009
Google GeneralLast week the Google AdSense team announced the launch of expandable Ads, this will allow advertisers (third party) to place large ads on the Google Content Network, these ads will expand once clicked on and will allow advertisers to add both videos, links and images to a single ad. Currently this is only available in the US and is not available to AdWords customers, only third party advertisers will get their hands on this. Although they have implied on the Adwords blog that it will be expanded to Adwords customers in the UK and US if it’s succesful.

Venture Beat have written about this new development for Adsense, below is a small quote:

 “If you’ve used the Internet at all in the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly already seen these from other ad providers. They are ads that start out as regular box or rectangle ads, but then expand into much larger ones that sit on top of content. Yes, they are annoying.”

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