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AdGooroo Pros & Cons

by Tug Agency | 11.02.2009
AdgoorooOllie and myself, here at Tug –creative search marketing, have been recently testing some PPC and SEO tools to increase our arsenal of solutions. One of them is AdGooroo, whose main Pros & Cons have been listed below . It would also be great to hear from other adgooroo users!


  • Adgooroo can provide clients with presentable data on the PPC market in which their keywords fall into. This includes information on what competitors are the market leaders in terms of market share (i.e. budgets / AdCopy), and Position. It also shows where their brand places in the market.
    Provides great insights into competitors:

    • AdCopy
    • Landing Pages
    • Keyword Lists
  • Can provide client with data on a specific competitor.
  • Can identify potential keyword and search engine opportunities for the client to focus on.
  • Time saving way of tracking down keywords’ behaviours.
  • By looking at the graphs, it can be established competitors’ strategies.


  • AdGooroo should not always be used in the way it is intended. It attempts to rank and make recommendations on brands without knowing the objectives and budget of the PPC campaign in question. E.g. it will rank a competitor number 1 if he has the most coverage and the highest average position.
  • It is an expensive way to capture competitor data – most of which can be obtained in a basic form manually e.g. AdCopy, Landing page etc . ($399 per month for 250 keywords)
  • Limited number of monitored keywords -in the basic package up to 250. Also, if one monitors a keyword in two different countries across three search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), it will count as to 6 keywords.
  • The tool cannot be configured so that clients can access to the information (only one user).
  • Other tools offer a wider range of SEO options, such as: research niche keywords and find out changes in landing pages, amongst others.