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Google G Drive is a Go

by Nick Beck | 27.01.2009
This is really exciting stuff. Google G Drive will allow users the ability to store their data and applications on Google servers. Instead of logging into your computer to surf the web, write a word doc, listen to your favourite tracks, a user will be able to log into their information from any computer. Data will be saved somewhere in the ‘Cloud’. You won’t need a hard drive anymore. This will in effect destroy the PC and users would access the cloud through any web enabled platform – handheld or maybe even your TV?

The big question is do you trust Google with your data? Are you happy that the US department of whatever can subpeona your data from Google? Well to be honest I wouldn’t mind… I don’t have anything to hide, or lose… The advent of the G Drive has been a long time coming and seems to me to be a natural evolution. This is the next step in information access – all your web and personal information at your fingertips if you’re at the office or on the slopes in Flumserberg.

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