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Palm Announce the Pre

by David Brooks | 13.01.2009
Palm have announced their long awaited phone called the Pre at CES in America. The Pre has been designed around Search and Connecting information together, the OS is very simple yet effective and also very fast. The Phone has a full touch screen along with a small touch area at the bottom of the phone, the Pre also has a keyboard that slides out (similar to old Palm phones.) Here’s what Palm have to say about their new phone:

 “Meet Palm Pre, a phone that’s always thinking ahead to make your life easier. Pre pulls your different online calendars into one view, bringing you the information you want without having to search for it. Pre links your contacts from different sources, giving you one place to find what you need. And Pre delivers incoming messages and notifications in an intuitively subtle way, letting you react or respond however you want. People, events, information that matters. With Palm Pre, it’ll come to you.”

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