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GAudi – Google Audio indexing service, beta

by Tug Agency | 12.11.2008
Google have recently released the audio indexing service (beta version) for YouTube videos –known as GAudi, which will undoubtedly make an impact in SEO practices within the following years. Although still in a developing stage and with many bugs and issues to be dealt with; it is expected that the service translates into text the audio of the videos uploaded to the popular video distribution channel.

Google General

What does audio indexing service mean? Well, in the first place, it implies that even when talking people should be aware that it is necessary including keyword rich phrases within relevant topics! Secondly, by implementing GAudi, Google are getting closer to Universal Search, which we at Tug, Search Engine Optimisation, believe is just around the corner. Finally, although GAudi will only index videos from YouTube, it is believed that it should not take too long before they extend the service to other popular video distribution channels.

The big task? Not only is required a hyper high speech recognition quality, but also certain extend of cognitive semantics to understand and associate the meaning of any phrase before relating it to a more generic topic. We are already excited about the future!