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Yahoo Search Marketing rolls out Geo-Targeting

by David Brooks | 23.10.2008
A few days ago Yahoo announced a new feature in Yahoo Search Marketing in which you can geo target users by Country, City and Zip Code. See below for a quote from the Yahoo Blog:

Yahoo Logo“Where are your people? And more importantly, are they finding you?  Knowing your ads show up for the right people in the right places is crucial, especially when your business only caters to a specific area. You may already be familiar with geo-targeting, but now there are new ways to customize your targeting, whether you’re reaching  for the whole country or want to pinpoint a city or ZIP code.

Geo-targeting is a clever little feature that can analyze a user’s search query, their Internet Protocol (IP) address and other user information to determine where they are and what ads to serve to them. For example, if you select Portland as a geo-targeted region for the sale of your product, searchers with an IP address in Portland will be served your ad. If you’re a Portland business, you’re likely to get more relevant clicks that can lead to more sales. Our new updates give you the chance for even more relevant clicks.”

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