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Is Search Engine Optimisation changing?

by Tug Agency | 01.10.2008
With Microsoft challenging Google’s PageRank by unveiling a revolutionary algorithm which measures the time people spend on any website, Search Engine Optimization will have to come up with fresh ideas to catch up with the eventual changes.  Although BrowseRank has got its weaknesses –i.e:  Social networking websites will rank higher than any other pages, even though the content consigned in them is mainly irrelevant-; it will make a big statement in the Search Engine industry and in what they call Google’s underperforming algorithm.

We, at Tug –Creative Search Engine Marketing, more than welcome this sort of news as they make our lives much more interesting and the web a more democratic ‘place’, we are also sure that people at Google love this challenge as monopolies tend to become obsolete and vicious.

An explanation of how BrowseRank works and some other technicalities can be found at: