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Facebook Revamped

by David Brooks | 22.07.2008
If you’re a Facebook user you may have noticed messages from Facebook regarding a new design and asking for your feedback. Well the new design is now live and its quite a big change, the overall layout of the site has been completely revamped along with better placements for advertisers. Below is a snippet from the Facebook blog:

One of our key goals of this project has always been to make the site simpler and cleaner. The new tabbed profile should help a lot in this respect, breaking your information into tabs by type. The Wall tab displays most recent and relevant information both about you and by you. The Info tab shows information about you that doesn’t change frequently. The Photos tab shows photos of you as well as your albums. The Boxes tab features all of your existing application boxes. You’re also able to add tabs for your favorite applications.

Take a look at the new Facebook by clicking here.