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IAB Search Marketing Resource Launched

by David Brooks | 04.07.2008
iabEarlier IAB released their new Search Marketing resource, the new resource will give you all you need to know about search marketing for both new and experienced search marketers. The resource was created by the IAB Search Council who consists of Google, Yahoo, MSN and IAB registered agencies such as BigMouthMedia and I-Level. Below is what IAB have to say about their new resource:

The UK search industry is now a significant advertising medium in its own right, worth over £1.6 billion in 2007. This resource, created by the IAB’s Search Council contains best practice information for all basic and advanced search marketing techniques. Explanations of the key similarities between search engine policies are also included for trademarks, copyright, privacy, invalid clicks and intellectual property in campaigns.

Visit the new IAB Search Marketing Resource here.