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DoubleClick Performics Now Google Affiliate Network

by David Brooks | 02.07.2008
A few months ago Google announced that they had acquired DoubleClick, now they are announcing that they will be re-branding their Performics Affiliate Network as the Google Affiliate Network. One reason for this is to phase out their Pay Per Action Beta program on Adwords, in their blog they described it and the Conversion Optimiser Tool as alternative products. Below is what Google had to say about the Google Affiliate Network:

The Google Affiliate Network, previously known as DoubleClick Performics Affiliate, has been in operation since 1998. Through the network, advertisers can open their ads to all publishers in the network, or select specific publishers that match their criteria. You can set a CPA for your entire campaign or establish custom payment schedules for specific publishers — such as a higher CPA for a particularly optimal placement. The Google Affiliate Network is currently a separate product from AdWords and AdSense. As with AdSense, publishers must apply and be accepted into the network.