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The Microsoft Search Announcement: Cashback!

by David Brooks | 21.05.2008
Microsoft announced today that they have started a cash back scheme, in which you:

1. Search for a product on Microsoft Live Search
2. You find your product on Live Search and go through to their website
3. You buy the product after finding it on Microsoft Live Search
4. Once you reach a cash back balance of $5.00, you can choose to claim your cash

This scheme is currently only available in the US but if it catches on I’m sure it’ll be extended to Europe. If you would like to test out this new system for yourself or learn a bit more about Microsoft’s Cash back programme, please visit this link.

Tug welcomes any new innovation in the Search space – even though you could argue that nothing has changed and MSN is just adopting an affiliate model – See John Battelle’s comments here. Tug will be watching closely to see if Live Search user numbers actually do increase… and if these new users become loyal MSN Searchers…