Influencer Marketing

Driving targeted reach and authentic endorsement

Influencer marketing can be highly effective if done right. But entrusting influencers with your carefully constructed brand identity can be difficult. At Tug we source, partner and work with influencers through every stage of the creative process, to ensure every piece of content produced is on-brand and high-value.

Influencer Sourcing

Finding influencers that not only align with your brand but who post the kinds of content your target audience love isn’t easy. They need to be genuine, engaging and authentic – and affordable. Our social team has years of experience sourcing and partnering with influencers in various niches, from fashion and photography to tech and travel.

Influencer Campaign Management

Not only do we source the perfect influencers to partner with your brand, but we work closely with them through every step of the process. From campaign briefing through content creation, promotion and tracking, we’ll ensure that every influencer campaign is a success from start to finish.

From Nano to Macro Influencers

An effective influencer campaign doesn’t just go after the big names. It’s the dream to partner with famous influencers, but those with a smaller following can have just as much of an impact. At Tug we understand the value of working with influencers large and small to achieve the maximum impact across social channels.

Post-Campaign Analysis

How can you be sure that your influencer campaign was a success? At Tug we track every campaign we work on and report back to our clients with post-campaign analysis. Our comprehensive reports include campaign reach and impressions engagement rates and the overall success based on KPIs.

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