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International SEO Agency

Tug’s approach to international SEO involves optimising our clients global websites involving tasks such as geotargeting and localisation, href lang implementation, technical SEO to optimise for different search engine algorithms, addressing issues related to duplicate content, and optimising site structure for international audiences.

Tug has built a network of native language experts who can perform in-depth local keyword research to identify the terms and trends that resonate with target audiences in different regions. Our partners are also able to create content in any language. Our in-market linguistic experts will create localised copy that reflects the tone, nuances and specificity of that region. Whether that’s through the creation of brand new content, or taking your website pages and working through a process of transcreation, you can be sure your content will land with audiences in markets specific to your business in the most meaningful ways. 

Our tailored international SEO strategy always aligns with your business objectives, to ensure your brand resonates globally, connecting with audiences across the world.