Data Integration

Utilising all your data fully

Data integration is the key to providing an end-to-end view of marketing performance as well as utilising the full potential of your data.

Utlising 1st party data

Our data developers are able to work with you to integrate and utlise your 1st party data to support digital retention strategies and maximising LTV as well as optimising your approach to aquisition.

Your 1st party data is limitlessly valuable when it comes to marketing and developing a Customer Centric data strategy across your digital marketing activities is key.

Creating and end-to-end view

We have developed advanced internal data processes to ingest, normalise and merge CRM, call tracking or offline sales data with digital performance data from your aquisition channels in real-time.

This allows us, at a granular level, to connect aquisition journeys to eventual conversions and sales. By bridging this gap we are able to fully optimise aquisition and deliver meaningful ROI.

Channel Integration

We strongly believe that the key to sustainable growth and ROI against total marketing spend is full integration between acquisition channels. This can manifest itself in physical team integration in a cross channel agency like Tug, but also needs to involve data integration.

We have developed proprietary tools for example to create a combined Organic & Paid search view on aquisition. This allows us to optimise both channels to increase conversions at a reduced CPA.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with data integration.