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Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager Agency


Google Tag Manager is still the predominant tag management solution used by the majority of our clients, and although we obviously work with a range of tag management solutions (Telium, Adobe etc). Our agency has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Data operations team supporting clients with their Google Tag Manager.


Container audit and rationalisation


This process will ensure the operation of the tag container is as efficient and reliable as possible. This helps to avoid data discrepancies, duplication or gaps.


The data operations team also works closely with our SEO team to ensure that improvements in the way the tags are served has a positive impact on site speed, which in turn helps to improve organic search visibility.


Website migration or container setup


We can support a full Google Tag Manager container setup, or as part of a website migration process that could involve significant changes to how your existing tracking might work.


As always this will start with an overall data strategy review and alignment with tracking capabilities, recommended improvements, implementation and testing of all tracking.