Delivering maximum ROI

Attribution should not be a tool used by agencies to justify spend. Attribution should be an active method for delivering maximum ROI for our clients across all acquisition channels and marketing activities, tied closely to the actual KPIs that matter to our clients.

Breaking walls down

Everyone is familiar with the challenges of walled gardens when it comes to attribution analysis across Facebook, Google and other platforms.

We use a phased and then continuous cycle of analysis using multiple data points to establish channel contributions and optimise from there.

An algorithm for each client

There is no one size fits all solution that will truly deliver value in attribution, which is why we always approach each client individually and build an attribution algorithm specific to their needs and goals.

Where retention is a key challenge we will work LTV modelling into our understanding of channel roles. Find out more about our experience in end-to-end integration and 1st party data utilisation.

Correlation Vs Causation

We believe meaningful attribution analysis requires a blend of tracked multi-channel funnel analysis, combined with real-time causal impact analysis.

Our data scientists develop models that provide a real-time view of top of the funnel and offline/ATL activity alongside the traditional MCF analysis. This approach ensures that the performance view our clients receive is aligned much closer to actual causation, as opposed to traditional correlation analysis on activity that may be un-trackable or unreliable to track.

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