Geo-local performance is becoming ever more important for brands in the digital space. Few, however to the scale of Everest.

Digital activity is a vital part of the marketing mix to deliver the highest quality leads into the business, for sales teams to follow up in order to deliver results for the business

Success in this business requires a continual, painstaking attention to detail balancing volume and quality in every region across product ranges, every day, all over the country.

We picked up the digital media business in Q1 2016, we overhauled the entire account structure to enable local optimisation at a product level. Delivering a truly integrated approach across search, display, social and content. Centralising and mining cross-channel data, providing an end to end view from initial interaction through to sales. Dynamic IP location in ad copy and on the landing pages to deliver a truly local user experience on a generic search. As well as optimising user journeys to improve click to appointment conversion rates

Teams at Tug work hand-in-hand with other channels and agencies. The digital activity integrates tightly with other channels.

Our full-scale cross channel tracking analysis and insights ensure we deliver optimum marketing mix against budget.

Our work has delivered a YoY lead increase of 20% with revenue per lead increasing 44% since Tug took over management of the account.