Some Sphinn users may have noticed some down time earlier, this was due to Sphinn updating the site to v2 (the next generation). With this comes many new features and a newer clean design. See below for a list of features as listed on the Sphinn Blog:

– Cleaner design, taking aspects from our sister site at Search Engine Land
– The removal of the “Discussion” option for submissions (not many people used it, and most were confused by it)
– My Network – Friend and follow the people you like
– “Show Me” Filters – Only show submissions from My Network, or your favourite categories
– Subscribe/Unsubcribe to stories that you’re interested in, with email notifications
– Save stories that you enjoyed or want to come back to
– My Sphinn – A one-stop dashboard for your network, important topics and an expanding list of blog content

There’s also a few more new features which you can read about at the Sphinn Blog.