As a progressive business, at Tug we understand that individuals and businesses need to do their part in fighting climate change and tackling environmental issues.

Since starting work with our global client WWF and helping them teach the world about biodiversity, this has become even more important to us at Tug. We’ve created a steering group led by our staff to make Tug as green as our corporate colours.

Some of the initiatives we’ve already implemented:

  • All paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic recycled
  • All office lights are motion activated
  • We have plenty of office plants to promote cleaner air
  • The latest office renovation in London included the best energy rated double glazing
  • Our London HQ has a living plant-based roof
  • Tea, coffee, sugar and tuck shop treats bought in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Plant-based milk alternatives always available
  • Seasonal fruit delivered from a local supplier to reduce carbon footprint
  • Second hand and upcycled furniture in the office break out spaces
  • Our kitchen is fully stocked with plates, crockery, glasses, cups and cutlery to reduce the need for single use plastic

Some of the initiatives we’re planning:

  • Carbon offset initiatives for international flights
  • Tree planting scheme to offset office carbon emissions
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Food waste recycling
  • Bee-friendly terrace planters
  • Change our energy supplier to a renewable energy provider
  • Green cleaning products