About Us

Always looking for new angles

Our cutting edge technology stack helps us find competitive edges for our clients. But the real secret is our people.

Tug hires and nurtures, imaginative people, always looking for new angles to help our clients beat other brands, to get the attention and hard-earned money of their audiences.

Data and insight at the heart of the business

Our teams use the latest tools to analyse a wide range of data sets. We are continually crossing signals from customer, competitor and channel data to find new insights.

Armed with real-time data, our analysts creatively target audiences and move budgets and efforts seamlessly across multiple digital channels to help our clients compete.

A culture of working hard, being brave and taking it personally

Ambition starts with bravery. Always trying new things to help our clients beat their competitors. But we are never reckless.

You have to know your stuff. Get the data. Use the best tools. Get all over the details. Work hard. And be ready to prove it works.

It’s competitive out there. At Tug we are always learning, never complacent, and above all, we always take it personally.