Media Planning & Buying

Selecting optimal media platforms through market analysis, media strategy, development and implementation

Here at Tug, we know the media mix is the most important stage in media strategy and it’s the role of the media planning department to ensure that we find the best combination of media vehicles that enables the message to be communicated to the target audience.

Our approach is to use the experience and strategic knowledge of the team, to delve beyond the data and market analysis to coordinate channels to meet clients’ needs and KPI’s.

As more and more of the "traditional" media formats move towards a digital buy, it opens a new world of opportunities for our clients and our media planning team at Tug are at the forefront of this change

The trend to digital out of home is emulated across the world and in 2017 this inventory is now available to buy programmatical for the first time. This once traditional above the line media is now finding its way onto our digital plans and here at Tug, we have been working with clients – from the initial creative concept phase right the way through to our internal trading desk buying the space.

Over 22 million people are streaming audio every week according to DAX! And this number is only growing. Here at Tug, we know that the way that people are listening is as varied as their tastes – whether it be through podcasts, music streaming sites or live radio. But, what we do know, is that this medium can be a fundamental part of the media mix and can offer both a brand and localised voice at scale!

Tracking studies allow businesses to measure brand awareness, monitor customer satisfaction, study consumer sentiment concerning a new product or service, or analyse the effectiveness of a campaign,
At Tug, we conduct ongoing and specific campaign-based tracking studies for our clients in order to:

  • Measure brand awareness and other key brand metrics
  • Monitor customer satisfaction
  • Study sentiment around products and services
  • Observe the impact of marketing activity