Creative Production

Using creative and data to connect brands to customers

Engaging content that builds relevance and authority, locally and globally
Content at Tug has grown organically from the SEO and Social teams. This is no surprise, because when we started the agency in 2006, it was with the belief that creative and media would be re-housed under the same roof.
In this digital age of media fragmentation and multiple screens, no longer can content and media be considered in silos. Creative content needs to be seamlessly created and amplified across all media channels, and then be optimised in real-time for multiple audiences.
From press releases to infographics our team creates and curates content that builds social engagement as well as relevance and authority.

We develop creative ideas for everything from international (cross-channel) brand campaigns, through to simple asset development for banners, and all things in between.
And each and everyone is handled with love, care and attention.

We produce high production value films, than need impeccable planning and precise execution; we collaborate with influencers to on trend create content; and we also make small scale, lightening-quick turnaround pieces.

Film, rich and standards banners, digital content, print, digital and traditional out of home, and anything else you need.