Affiliate Management

Delivering Brand reach and Affiliate engagement

From defining and developing your affiliate strategy to owning affiliate relationships and reporting on progress, at Tug we’ll manage and run your affiliate marketing campaigns through every stage. Our Affiliate team approaches every new campaign with the same strategic principles and holistic approach.

Our roots in search mean we understand the unique value every branch of digital marketing can add to your brand, and we collaborate across departments to bring the best possible outcome.

We can work with your existing network or recommend the most effective option, as well as getting you set up on it. We’ll then work with you to define your affiliate marketing strategy, as well as setting goals and targets for each campaign.

We’ll take ownership of your affiliate relationships from the outset. We’ll maintain regular contact with existing affiliates while networking and building relationships to actively recruit new affiliates. Our extensive experience with affiliate marketing means we already have positive relationships with a wide range of affiliates which we can utilize for your campaigns.

To ensure that your campaigns are on track, we’ll provide you with regular detailed reports, based on the goals set out during prelaunch. We’ll then use these results to inform the campaign strategy, working to continually improve your affiliate marketing campaigns.