Increasing market share in Berlin

Tug has been working in partnership with The Chamaeleon Theatre for over 6 years, engaged primarily in SEO, PPC and on-site conversion rate optimisation.

Together, we have ensured that the digital strategy has remained ahead of the curve, adapting with the way that search behaviors have changed.

Paid success has been achieved through a combination of geo-targeted PPC optimisations to known top-performing sales areas, international country expansion and campaign structure development and optimisation. In 2018, a particular area of success has been in increasing the volume of advance bookings.

Continuous on-site optimisation and off-site outreach has allowed The Chamaeleon Theatre to generate significant traction on target keywords, allowing Chamaeleon to compete in ranking with the bigger aggregators (TripAdvisor etc.).

In 2017, PPC activity has generated an additional 75% of revenue compared to 2016 for the same investment. Similarly, SEO activity has generated an additional 20% of revenue compared to 2016 with the trend set to continue into 2018.