Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Sustainability and environmental efforts of brands will impact where two thirds of consumers shop over the Christmas period

Climate anxiety is a top concern for UK consumers, and this is being reflected in shopping preferences. As the “Golden Quarter” of 2021 approaches, digital marketing can help brands make their green efforts clear to consumers.

In response to the climate crisis, consumers are increasingly changing their habits in an effort to reduce their impact on the planet. 81% of British consumers have become increasingly concerned about environmental issues since the pandemic hit. Many are choosing to shop more sustainably. From zero-waste grocery shopping to sustainable fashion, consumers are willing to spend more on sustainable items, and brands are increasingly seeing the value in eco-friendly products and practices reflected in their bottom line. 

We surveyed 2,015 UK consumers about their shopping plans in the run up to the festive period, asking them whether brands’ eco-friendly efforts impact their purchasing decisions. The survey found that the majority of Brits (67%) pay attention to the sustainability and environmental efforts of retail brands, with over a third (37%) searching for more sustainable retail brands online. 

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Our report covers:

1. Sustainability During the Golden Quarter

Looking at how consumers are researching brands’ sustainable practices as 93% of Gen-Z and 90% of millennials are researching brands’ sustainability efforts.

2. Buying Habits and Black Friday

Looking at what people are planning to buy and how much they are planning to spend with over 50% people prioritising buying from brands who communicate their sustainability and environmental efforts.

3. In-store Vs Online Shopping Trends 

Looking at consumers’ evolving buying habits, with almost half of people likely to purchase expensive items online without viewing them in future.