Google End Image Extensions For Search Ads

25 July 2014
Matt By: Matt

It has been revealed that Image Extensions for Google PPC Ads, which were released as a Beta in June 2013, will be bought to an end on August 1st.

These extensions provided three images above a PPC ad when in the top position, and provided a more visually engaging way for customers to interact with ads, as well as boosting page estate for Brand ads.

At Tug we had tested these extensions on a variety of accounts with different levels of success, but in the best cases these helped boost CTR for Brand keywords by around 3-5%.

No official reason has been given as to why these extensions are being discontinued, although one factor may be the somewhat difficult set-up procedure due to Google’s restrictions on the type of images that could be used which may have discouraged many advertisers.

Although Image Extensions will no longer be available for Desktop ads from August 1st Google are said to be actively investigating the possibility of serving these for Mobile in the future.

72 Takeaways from the Content Marketing Show 2014

25 July 2014
Alyssa James By: Alyssa James

We had a great day spent at the Content Marketing Show put on by Rough Agenda – the folks behind Brighton SEO. It was my second time at the event while my colleagues Verena and Carlo were there for the first time. They were quite pleased with the event and I felt like it held up to the standards of the previous conference. We came away with one take home point for every hour of the next three days. Enjoy!

Can a brand ever truly be social?


Stephen Waddington (@wadds) from Ketchum PR did a great job of showing the different social media personalities by relating them to the type of people you meet at a party. He also used a very personal story to show us how to be brave and vulnerable on social media.

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The biggest change in Journalism… since the pen

25 July 2014
Simon Jenkins By: Simon Jenkins

The atrocities in Eastern Ukraine last week were truly horrific to watch. Our TV screens have now, for 6 days been portraying the enormous devastation, speculation and finger pointing.

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Brand New Foursquare, coming to a Smartphone near you!

24 July 2014
Alastair Steele By: Alastair Steele

As a loyal Foursquare user with over 5,000 check-ins under my belt, I have been through a lot with the location based social network and local search app.

But it’s not just the heated battles to be mayor of the office, or the competitions with strangers to be mayor of the local pub; Foursquare has given me so much over the years. I can always rely on Foursquare to find me somewhere to go, from discovering new places to go in my local area, or popular suggestions when I am in a new city.

I especially like the anniversary compliments given out by the app. “Four years ago today you joined Foursquare and you still look just as beautiful as the day we met.” Awwww shucks, thanks Foursquare.

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Heineken, @wherenext

18 July 2014
George Smart By: George Smart

@wherenext is Heineken’s latest social venture, designed to unite its audience in the urban pursuit of knowledge through their ‘Cities of the World’ campaign. By tweeting @wherenext followed by a location, users are sent a number of potential venues and a link to a mobile site carrying images and reviews. By using a unique algorithm that accounts for social media activity across platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, @wherenext is capable of utilising geo-targeting in order to determine which locations near its audience are trending. Continue reading here…

Our Favourite Presentations from the 2014 Content Marketing Show

18 July 2014
Alyssa James By: Alyssa James

Yesterday, three members of the SEO team at Tug headed over to the content marketing show at the Institute of Education in Russell Square. Pens and paper in hand, we were all prepared to learn about best practices, hear success stories and network in the industry. Next week, we’ll have a post full of all of the takeaways from the show, but today we’ll tell you about our favourite presentations: Continue reading here…

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