Tips & Tools That Will Help You Master Your Time Management

24 March 2015
Verena Uebner By: Verena Uebner

Personally, I am the opinion that time management is one of the most important skills to possess when working in SEO or any other target-led job. In SEO no day is like the other and we are sometimes faced with a massive work load that requires some serious skills to manage. Fact.

The following introduces some tips and tricks that might help you to just get that little bit more organised in your daily routine.

The Basics

1. Make a “to do” list
2. Prioritise your work load
3. Set yourself little targets throughout the day & stick to your schedule
4. Avoid distractions such as social networks
5. Learn to say “no”
6. Answer emails only straight away if they are urgent
7. Keep your email inbox clean and create folders for every client and other topics
8. Set yourself reminders in your calendar
9. Take breaks

Getting Organised

Technique A: The Important/Urgent Matrix

This is an alternative to the standard “to do” list which requires you to prioritise your tasks by urgency and importance.

Important - Urgent Matrix


If something is both Important and Urgent, it must take top priority.
If something is Urgent but not Important, it should be slotted in around your top priorities.
If something is Important but not Urgent, it can be delayed for later in the day.
If something is Not Important and Not Urgent, don’t do it until all other work is complete.

Technique B: The Pomodoro Technique

1. Choose a task you’d like to get done.
2. Set the timer (pomodoro) for 25 minutes and make a small oath to yourself: I will spend 25 minutes on this task and I will not interrupt myself.
3. Work on the task until the pomodoro rings and Immerse yourself in the task for the next 25 minutes. If you suddenly realize you have something else you need to do, write the task down on a sheet of paper.
4. When the pomodoro rings, put a checkmark on the paper.
5. Take a short break.
6. Every 4 pomodoros, take a longer break.

Find out more information on the pomodoro technique here.

A Few Useful Tools

1) Trello (Workflow Manager)

Trello is a nifty little tool that lets you organise anything and everything. You can share it within a team which makes it an interesting alternative for SEOs as opposed to simply Excel. It’s also available as a mobile app – bonus!



2) Coggle (Brainstorming Tool)

SEOs brainstorm. Often. Sometimes it takes time to make sense of your quickly scribbled down notes and type them into a word document. Coggle is a very easy-to-use platform which lets you create a brainstorm chart quickly. Once finished you can save the document as a picture and send it to others.



3) Pocket (Save Stuff Later)

Which SEO hasn’t been in the situation of having one million tabs open in the browser without actually having the time to look at them all?! Enter Pocket. This little tool enables you to just drop URLs in there and view the sites at a later time.



4) Tom’s Planner (Campaign Manager)

This tool is impressive as it is easy to use and lets you create a campaign within minutes! Just add your activity, assign persons and status, and put in a date. There are many different options available which makes it a handy alternative to Excel.

Tom's Planner


Some more tools to try


Hopefully, these tips are helpful, now go and get organised!

It’s My Data And I’ll Target If I Want To – Or Is Someone Else’s Better?

18 March 2015
By: Ash Grant

Earlier today myself and Tug’s Head of Biddable Media Ollie, gave a keynote presentation at the IAB on realising the potential of data enhanced targeting and it got me thinking – is third party data really relevant in the current state of the industry? Especially when there seems to be a greater push on getting advertisers to use their 1st party data.

I guess I should point out that historically, 3rd party data has had a bit of a rough time as the price of data didn’t always back out to a positive performance metric; but since then data providers have got smarter and the inference gap has been reduced; data segments that can be activated right now without any fancy ad tech are now more advanced and granular than ever but most importantly they’re scalable.

Don’t get me wrong, retargeting and CRM data will always be the richest data that will ever be available but the issue will always be scale. For example, the 3000 email addresses of existing customers that you might have in your CRM platform might be highly valuable, but what happens when you need to grow? This is where 3rd party data, comes into its own and gives that all important scale.

Over a 24 hour period there are essentially trillions of impressions available through most platforms (provided that impression throttling is not an issue). We, as trading specialists need to be making as many informed decisions as we can on behalf of our clients to ensure that we are harnessing the full power of real time bidding.

Don’t panic – Facebook Page Likes will be decreasing

16 March 2015
Simon Jenkins By: Simon Jenkins

Administrators of Facebook Pages are likely to witness a decrease of Page Likes (or fan numbers) over the next few weeks. Facebook announced earlier this month that as of March 12th 2015 they are looking to close ‘certain’ user accounts.

Continue reading here…

Come Fly with Google

12 March 2015
By: Ian Fergusson

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Google flight search and its pretty darn good. Although this is not a new thing for the Americans, it has finally been rolled out into Europe and could have a huge impact on Flight related search. Continue reading here…

Bing Releasing Device Targeting Changes 2015

10 March 2015
By: Kevin Bharakhda

Its official, Bing have set a date on when they are rolling out their new Device Targeting changes: March 23rd 2015! That’s right, this month!

Below is an overview of what they are going to offer in comparison to Google;


The most obvious difference from what Google released was that with Bing, bid modifiers are available to Tablet’s too, from -20% to +300%. This allows the advertiser to modify tablet bids separately from desktop.

As an old school PPC practitioner (well kind of) I remember the days when we were not forced to only add bid modifiers to all our keywords when running on mobile. Bing’s new change has allowed us to continue doing this, so mobile ads can be segmented out it into its own campaign.

Lastly, transferring Google campaigns to Bing will also get easier, as bid modifiers will transfer across with it. #winning

The only negatives from the new change is that there is less freedom with how to manage bids on tablets within the Bing interface and you can only drop bids by -20% for tablets.

This causes a bit of a headache when trying to keep down overall CPA. For example: if your conversions are higher on desktop compared to tablet, and you decide to reduce tablet bids by -20% (as this is max) to reduce the CPA, it will not have a huge effect on your overall CPA. The way around this is to reduce your bids across desktop, which will then reduce your tablet bid – although this would also reduce your desktop bids. This can be a bit long winded if tablet CPA is having a big impact on your overall CPA.

We here at Tug think this is a great step forward for Bing and it will definitely help improve campaign management.


Google’s latest VR Experience – Google Cardboard

6 March 2015
Jennifer Wood By: Jennifer Wood

Over the last two days, Nick Beck, our CEO, and Dave Porter, Tug’s Business Director, were lucky enough to attend the Export@Google event in Dublin. Naturally, they were kind enough to bring us back some treats including Google’s latest virtual reality experience – Google Cardboard.

What is it?

Basically, this nifty creation allows you to have a virtual reality experience by combining a cardboard SDK and your mobile phone. It displays 3D scenes with binocular rendering and both tracks and reacts to head movements, allowing you to interact with apps through a magnetic button.

The first step of course is to build your cardboard SDK using a template which includes step by step instructions, like so:



After you’ve successfully folded everything into place the next step is to download the Cardboard App for Android. You can also choose from a number of other apps; from games to behind the scenes footage. You even have the opportunity to sing beside Sir Paul McCartney if you really have the urge.

Once you’ve done that, pop your phone inside the case and you’re all set! You should be left with something like this:


If you get a chance, go check it out! Right, time for me to go explore space, or maybe visit Victoria Falls, or the Kalahari, might even pop to Greenland to watch some Narwhals…


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