How Callout Extensions Provide Value

2 September 2014
By: Mike Coleman

The term “Callout Extensions” refers to another line of text in between your description lines and your site links. Ok but how can they benefit me?! Although they can’t be clicked, they do allow you to provide more valuable information about your product or service in an ad. Callout Extensions essentially give your ad more real estate on the search results page and allow you to push your competitors further down the rankings. This is a great new feature as it sometimes can be hard to get across the valuable information in the ad text as it is so limited on space.

In some ways Callout Extensions are very similar to sitelinks within an ad but with a notable difference – You can customise the text up to 25 characters.

To explain the difference between callout extensions and sitelinks, callout extensions exist to maximise the intrige of the ad with key words/USPs whereas sitelinks are links within the ad to direct a potential customer to other web pages on a site which could also be of interest to them.

So to get the best from your callout extensions, keep the following in mind:

1) It’s best to keep the callout extensions short and direct, perhaps 1 – 3 words per callout.
2) Keep the text relevant to the ad and family friendly.

The real benefit of callout extensions is to create interest and draw more attention to an ad. For example your ad could be – ‘Host Fast & Secure Online Meetings’. And within your callout extensions you would like to include ‘Host Unlimited Meetings’ ‘Collaborate Anywhere’ ‘Work Face To Face’ as seen below:







The extra points of information provided by a callout extension will hopefully be that defining factor in receiving a higher click through rate and landing more conversions.

Until next time.

Auto-Tagging of Destination URLs in Bing Ads

29 August 2014
By: Mike Coleman

Finally at long last Bing Ads have enabled auto-tagging of destination URLs so that you can track your paid search campaign performance in analytics programs, such as Google Analytics. Their auto-tagging feature is being launched in the web user interface (UI) and API at the account level. This reduces the time it takes to manually tag destination URLs, which I think we can all agree is a huge burden lifted! This will also eliminate the potential for errors that can happen as a result of manual tagging and help marketers be more successful on Bing Ads, making it easier to reach the audiences wanted.

So I guess you’re wondering, how exactly do I enable auto-tagging in Bing Ads web interface? Well I’m here to help.

Auto-tagging is an account-level feature and once you’ve taken the plunge, you have two ways to ensure backward compatibility with your existing UTM tags.

1) Replace all existing tags: A good option if you want Bing Ads to change the supported UTM tags across all ads served on your account. This will change the values of any tags that you have manually placed in your ad destination URL and append the missing tags, if there are any of course.

For instance, if your URL has been tagged with one UTM tag, Bing Ads will append the remaining supported UTM tags automatically for you at delivery time of your ad.

2) Keep my current tags and add any that are missing: A solid option if you already have existing UTM tags manually tagged with your ad destination URLs. And if you are currently reporting on these tags but you would like Bing Ads to automatically append any UTM tags that you are not reporting on. This option will give advertisers both backward compatibility with their existing reporting and also provide additional level of detail using our supported UTM tags.

Hope that helps.

Tug’s Blogger & Small Biz Event a Success!

26 August 2014
Alyssa James By: Alyssa James

Last Thursday, Tug’s SEO team hosted our second knowledge sharing evening attended by bloggers and small business owners. Attendees were excited to learn more about SEO and the team was keen to meet the enthusiastic group.

Blogger Event, London, Tug Agency

We kicked off the evening with refreshments and a few one-to-one workshops for bloggers who signed up in advance. Our SEO experts did audits of the websites and provided tips on how to optimise websites, from explaining how to switch to a self-hosted website and using image ALT tags.

With about 20 website owners in attendance, we made our way to the conference room to start the awesome presentations the team created.

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#ShoreditchGraffiti Pick Of The Week

20 August 2014
Zoe Harrison By: Zoe Harrison

the power of the girl


London based artist Lakwena is responsible for this beautiful barrage of colour located on Holywell Lane in Shoreditch.

Talented Lakwena’s inspiration is ‘the human instinct for adornment and embellishment’ which is clearly evident in this mood lifting mural. Shoreditch has followed this philosophy effortlessly for years, with vibrant, surprising and entertaining works of street art being lovingly created only to be painted over by equally fabulous works a few weeks later.  Lakwena’s work is a 1st class example of why our EC2A postcode is such an uplifting, fun place to work.

‘Power of the Girl’ was a commission for NIKE foundation supported charity ‘The Girl Effect’, who’s main aim is to leverage ‘the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world.’ The intention of the piece was to promote East London’s first Girl Effect festival, bringing together talented female street artists, comedians and spoken-word poets to raise awareness for this worthy cause.

Lakwena’s striking modern-ethnic style encapsulates perfectly the global stance of ‘The Girl Effect’ . All girls are potential ‘agents of change’, change their prospects, and they have it in them to transform societies.


Facebook to stop fan-gating

19 August 2014
Simon Jenkins By: Simon Jenkins

Barely a month goes by without Facebook making some sort of policy change. It’s always nice to wake up to (ironically) your Twitter feed clogged with profanities about Facebook’s latest alteration to their terms of use. Often these policy alterations are aimed at developers and only slightly impact a brand by association.

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Review Extensions: Top of Mind Awareness in the Generic Ad Space

15 August 2014
By: Hayley Shannon

I often wonder how as humans, more of us don’t spontaneously combust as a result of total sensory overload. When we aren’t subconsciously consuming advertising messages through our surroundings such as our morning breakfast cereal box or our ad-plastered subway commute, we [voluntarily] plug into what is arguably the largest advertising mechanism out there: the internet.

While much of what’s out there is either so subtle or such rubbish that we never fully process it, a truly powerful advertising message can completely shape the decision making process.

Here enters Google Review Extensions. I would even wager to say that this is one of the more commanding extensions that Google has to offer.

As a PPC Specialist, you likely already have some compelling ad copy endeavoring to lure an unsuspecting searcher to your page. As a PPC Specialist, you also likely know that is not quite as simple as it sounds.

With the subtle power of third-party [positive] reviews, you can convert a generic, bottom of the buying cycle query into a top of mind, brand aware conversion.

The image below illustrates the fight for that top spot to own the generic space.

The 1st rank winner is cleverly using social annotations to occupy more SERP real estate, the 2nd has no extensions whatsoever, and the 3rd is commanding space with a simple to implement review extension.

Review Extension Result

I am pretty sure we have all struggled with cramming proper branding, a call to action, and a key benefit into 95 characters – Google now offers the opportunity to strengthen this initial message with an additional 67 characters in the form of an exact quote or paraphrased content, including the name of the source.

In the effort to drive traffic in an over saturated marketplace, Review Extensions offer an opportunity to reinforce brand identity and stand out in the hyper-clutter of online advertising. Thanks Google!

For a guide on best practices and how to implement Review Extensions, visit:

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