Kenshoo Halogen – The new predictive media optimisation tool

11 April 2014
James Jarrett By: James Jarrett

Tuesday 8th April, global software company Kenshoo announced the availability of their latest optimisation tool, Halogen. This new modelling engine will allow advertisers to more accurately forecast campaign potential and their ability to meet specific outlined goals and objectives.

So how does it work exactly? Kenshoo Halogen is designed to work with Kenshoo’s advanced targeting and bidding algorithms to look at past campaign performances along with a large amounts of market data to provide both forecasts and scenario plans that can automatically be applied to live campaigns.

An advertiser can then use this information through the Kenshoo interface to determine how much return could be produced from a budget increase, how much extra revenue could be raised, or simply how much potential a campaign and/or portfolio has.

Aside from its modelling accuracy (the main USP of the tool), Kenshoo state there are other advantages this new tool will bring to advertisers. Based on a beta testing across over 90 marketing plans, Halogen helped:

  • increase revenue by over 50%
  • increase digital marketing investments by 36%
  • Reduction of ‘man-hours’ spent on analysing budgets by up to 20%

Halogen is now available to all Kenshoo clients and includes a growing set of tools for forecasting and scenario planning.



Twitter redesign – or is it just a plagiarism of Facebook?

10 April 2014
Hannah Sinclair By: Hannah Sinclair

The social media platform, Twitter, has recently undergone a redesign which was initially launched in February and will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. Cover images are now full width along the top of the screen much like Facebook’s profile design, with the main image sitting on the left hand-side.


The size of Tweets will be adjusted based on engagement so that more prominence can be given to the highest performers. Another new function allows users to pin top posts to the top of their page. Twitters users can now also choose how they view others profiles, choosing from tweets, tweets including videos and photos or tweets and replies.


The change is creating quite a buzz with mixed opinions being shared on the social profile. The consistent criticism is that it feels too Facebook-y. Twitter are you becoming just another Facebook?


Twitter response

Tug crashes London Coffee Festival 2014

4 April 2014
Zoe Harrison By: Zoe Harrison

coffee 4

Flicking through the metro this week I came across an ad for The London Coffee Festival and as a recent coffee convert (due to the impressive array of boutique coffee shops in the EC2 area) I deemed it an un-missable event. The festival was only a 10 minute walk from Tug HQ, so a group of us popped down to check it out on our lunch break. Continue reading here…

Why Search Agencies Need an In-House Content Creator

27 March 2014
Alyssa James By: Alyssa James


I did a quick search of agencies that advertise that they create content in-house. Besides content marketing agencies, most don’t mention whether they have copywriters, developers or designers in-house. This is something that clients want to know that you have. They should know that a large part of the content you’re creating is being done by someone you trust enough to put on your team. The client that has hired you is already outsourcing, and to do that on a regular basis is too many degrees of separation. It’s comforting to know that if there is a problem, their concerns can either be relayed directly or will at least be explained accurately.

Plus, you have another lovely person’s face to put on your client pitch PowerPoints!

Here are some reasons you should consider hiring in-house content creators:

They are your all-around A* pupils

Your in-house copywriter will give that extra care and attention to your clients’ needs and they can stay on top of requests. They’re not just churning out copy or designs as many freelancers do. They combine SEO or UX experience and creativity to develop the kind of content that works best for their clients. They also have the opportunity to be there in the office with you, learning from the rest of the team and incorporating new skills into their work. Continue reading here…

50 Reasons Why Twitter Has Made Your Life Better

21 March 2014
Carlo Pandian By: Carlo Pandian

Happy Birthday Twitter!

It was 2011 when Tania, a social media entrepreneur from Brazil, introduced me to this great tool. Not everybody knew about it, but thanks to TV, magazines, coffee shops and celebrities, this social medium has become popular.

To mark this anniversary, here’s a list of 50 Reasons why I love Twitter and why, in a world where e-mails are too long and calls are annoying, you may want to consider using it at work and for fun:


  1. Simplicity
  2. It’s made of 5 tabs only: home, notifications, hashtags, me and private messages
  3. It’s real time communication
  4. It’s only 140 characters so I’ll get to the point when I message you
  5. It’s public so I can contact (aka mention) you even if I don’t know you, stranger
  6. If you are interested in my tweet you can reply
  7. It’s pure networking in our fast pace world
  8. You can reach out journalists, bloggers, marketing managers and even celebrities
  9. It’s up to your tweet style and your message to attract attention. You control the medium
  10. It’s something that reminds me of old computer programs like Amiga and Atari (I am nostalgic)
  11. You can use other people/brand influencer power to boost your followers and gain influence
  12. It’s a rat race on who has more followers
  13. It’s a place to spread your ideas
  14. It’s a place where bad ideas have a short life and good ideas get retweeed
  15. It’s a place where you can create activist movements or satirise politicians. Even the pope is there! (but what he’s doing there, nobody knows)
  16. It’s a tool where you can help others and others may help too
  17. If you look at an area hashtag you can have a real time feeling of what’s going on (or perhaps some people are just talking rubbish about it)
  18. You can discover places you wouldn’t see advertised on TimeOut thanks to hashtags
  19. It’s a place where you can credit of what you have done (Tweet This : 50 Reasons Why Twitter Has Made Your Life Better by @carlopandian ) Continue reading here…

US Desktop Search Spend Set to Decline in 2014 as Mobile Grows

18 March 2014
David Brooks By: David Brooks


New data from suggests that desktop search ad spend is set to decline by $1.4 billion in 2014, a 9.4% decrease in comparison to 2013. However, mobile search ad spend is forecast to continue to rise with a 82.3% increase year on year. This means mobile search ad spend in 2014 is set to reach $9.02 billion, compared with $13.57 billion for desktop search.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following trends in 2013, with the introduction of enhanced search, product listing ads and continued smartphone usage. Spend on mobile continued to grow throughout 2013.

With the continued rise of mobile, it is now set to comprise of an estimated 26.7% of Google’s total ad revenues this year. This is up from 19.4% in 2013.

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