Ad of the Week: the Johnnie Walker & Mr Porter Partnership

31 July 2014
Sabrina Testoni By: Sabrina Testoni

To all ‘fashionistos’ and whisky admirers, you’re in for a treat.

‘The gentleman’s wager’ is the new ad for Johnnie Walker Blue Label; which is produced from rare casks of whiskies from across Scotland). The ad combines a renowned casting – Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini – in picturesque scenery with the finishing touch being beautiful garments from Mr Porter, an exclusive online retailer.

Video and Ecommerce combined

We cannot express it enough; video content has becomes a crucial element in marketing, which can be distributed via different platforms (YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Google+, etc…).

This YouTube video below promotes both Johnnie Walker whiskey and Mr Porter with a particular twist. By clicking on the video, you’re redirected straight to the Mr Porter ‘Shop the Look’ page, and see all the clothes and accessories worn by the actors of the video.

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Expedia launch new SM campaign – ‘ Travel Yourself Interesting’

31 July 2014
Jennifer Wood By: Jennifer Wood

For many summertime is a chance to pack your bags, travel to a foreign land and begin a new adventure. It’s the perfect time to explore the world and become a little more ‘cultured’. Playing on this idea Expedia have recently launched a new Facebook campaign, which celebrates the notion that each time you travel your life becomes a little more interesting. And who can say that’s not true?


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They think it’s all over…

31 July 2014
Simon Jenkins By: Simon Jenkins

Yesterday marked the 48th anniversary since the England team, led by Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup on home soil in 1966. It seems tragic to think that this is the only slice of World Cup pie we can feed on, despite the fact it happened 22 years before I was born. Oh well, chin up old chap… there’s always cricket!

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30 July 2014
Simon Jenkins By: Simon Jenkins

I imagine the vast majority of the newly reported 271 million monthly Twitter users are unaware of the dramas that have occurred behind closed doors since that business’s birth in 2006. Considering the platform’s absolute essence is about transparency and communication, over the years Twitter and its growing army of so called founders and key players have done fairly well to play down the politics.

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SEO & PR Workshop for Small Businesses and Bloggers

29 July 2014
Alyssa James By: Alyssa James
SEO and PR for Bloggers Event, London SEO event, Tug Agency


Following the success of our last blogger event, we’ve decided to bring it back this summer and take it up a notch!

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Google End Image Extensions For Search Ads

25 July 2014
Matt By: Matt

It has been revealed that Image Extensions for Google PPC Ads, which were released as a Beta in June 2013, will be bought to an end on August 1st.

These extensions provided three images above a PPC ad when in the top position, and provided a more visually engaging way for customers to interact with ads, as well as boosting page estate for Brand ads.

At Tug we had tested these extensions on a variety of accounts with different levels of success, but in the best cases these helped boost CTR for Brand keywords by around 3-5%.

No official reason has been given as to why these extensions are being discontinued, although one factor may be the somewhat difficult set-up procedure due to Google’s restrictions on the type of images that could be used which may have discouraged many advertisers.

Although Image Extensions will no longer be available for Desktop ads from August 1st Google are said to be actively investigating the possibility of serving these for Mobile in the future.

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